Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OMG ROTFL LOL Hammies!!!!!

Some unexpected hamster pics i found online, really enjoyed these, hope it puts a smile on your faces=p

The vids below aren't exactly new. To those from cheers, they are the same ones as the ones i posted in our forum b4. to the others who have not seen them, have fun~

Hamster vacumn!

How many rounds can ur hamster turn?=x

The life of a human VS the life of a hamster:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My RC, Take 1

New piccies uploaded. Think I need to get myself a new cam phone to help with my picture taking addiction/ hobby. Enjoy!

Situation 1:

Some candid shots I got awhile back on my 2 ‘model’ hamsters depicting some cute antics. My apologies for the blurriness of the pics as the shots were taken in the spur of the moment under the burst mode.

PS: Subtitling done by me as best I can to inject humour into the pics. The 1st hamster & the one on the right of the subsequent pics to come is the female one.

Girl: Zzzzz....

Guy: (approcahes) Hey! Wake up! There's someone peeking at you sleeping!
Girl: Huh? Hey, What the?! Who are you? What are you doing here?

Guy: It's me la dear. (Leans closer) *smooch*
Girl: !!!!!!!!!!!!
Girl: Oh, it's you. (smooches back). I'm still sleepy, i don't wanna move far....
Guy: No worries dear. Come and just do as i say. I'm not gonna let anyone simply spy on my chick sleeping man.

2 minutes later, both of them repositioned themselves to ‘counter’ my intrusion into their privacy. Pic depicted as below……

However, I believe that the female one may have been a tad bit too heavy to lean on for her dear bf, and thus, 5 mins into their nap, her sleeping position then changed to this:

Situation 2:

We all know hamsters are antics masters right? They’d do anything from climbing bars to clinging onto them with 1 paw right? Food is a strong motivation for them to do unexpected stunts right?

Proof that such motivation can lead to them getting caught red-handed…

Friday, July 4, 2008

What's in a Bud?

"Friendship is about forgiveness and selflessness.

Friendship is made by choice, not by fate.

Friendship should be treasured in the present, not when it is the past."

Quotations i picked up from a latest advert on tv. I will choose not to elaborate as i believe the true meaning of these sentences and how they apply to every human relation decision in our daily lives, will emerge , if pondered upon thoughtfully.

Afterall, it is only natural for us to at times tend to forget the little things in life if we do not slow down once in a while to ponder and appreciate ourselves, our every decision taken, and the ones we have........... Plus the fact that im down with a cold today and lazy to elaborate on matters. Hehe=x

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Content and comments....

I believe I’ll just post this for the sake of posting. We all know what a “blog” is. An online version of a person’s journal. Sometimes comments are welcome, and sometimes some aren’t, hence the disable option given to each blogger when they set up their own site.

While inspiration kicks in, I may tend to post memorable moments, quirky moments, and at times, agonizingly annoying bits of my life. I’ll re-emphasize the word “bits” here again. This generally will be what my blog will be about.

I do believe I’ll need to mention this outwardly: Rants that I personally label as emotional ones are just my way of venting my emotions. I am not looking for advice. I am not looking for guidance. I am merely seeking solace in the peaceful method of hammering out those words of anger, confusion and frustration. My way of expressing myself should other ways of expressing my pent-up emotions prove to be insufficient.

To those that do read this post and go along with any future ‘emotional’ posts that I may put up, your understanding and concern will be much appreciated. Believe me. I do not intend to stab people who are concerned about my well-being when I vent my emotions so openly. I only intend to make it clear that stories that are half told cannot be given a fair siding judgement or decision. To those who have been asked to consult others before, I believe you should all in one way or the other know what I mean, it takes 2 hands to clap and therefore, 2 sides of a story to be told for one to understand the whole situation and know what is the truth.

Finally, before I make a closing, I’ll note here that henceforth i will leave a peaceful reminder next time to posts which are emotional as a pre-caution. Thx again to all for visiting this blog of mine, and my apologies for this inconvenience caused….

Animals..... Not so innocent....?

Take 2 of my personal collection. Here are the best of the best!

Malaysia's heat wave at it's worst. Proof that you can beat the heat with even just 1 standing rotating fan. Aaah~

We've all heard of posers, but what about this?! And you thought u'd seen them all...

A Car Ride. Whoo Wee~
Wait....... Isn't that MY seat?!=.=

Ever seen a loooooong bunny? Here we have an approx 4kg bunny stretched 2 X 8 inches long. Amazed? Believe it...... Or not....

Chinese new year is all about the "ong" right? Aint this a cute red bamboo basket to stuff your new year goodies and fruits in....

...... Or so we thought... Looks like someone beat us to it. Peek-a-boo!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Animal innocence~

We've all seen it. Cute animals making cute faces, majestic animals posing majestically. But every once in a while, blunders occur. SNAP! THATS where me and my trusty hp cam come in. Muahahaha~

Here below are some of my personal collections for now:

Ever seen a dog sleep cross-legged? Well now u have...

Purrrrrrr~ Do i look cute enough? Alrite then. Now let me onto your bed and get me treats~

Whatcha looking at? Let me out already!

Oooh... Kuaci. Yummy... Watch me eat in enjoyment with my ears flipped backwards~

As the saying goes, i live to eat, and i can't seem to stop!..... How does my butt look?

Sitting straight when muching is tough, think i'll lie back and relax~

*Burp!* Im stuffed. Time to nap. Zzzz....

Ah, asleep on a make-believe beach. Wonder if this gives me a tan...
PS: It's actually just a sand bath.

ARGH!! NO NO NO! im not giving up my spot no matter how much you squeeze me!

Sometimes, you need to show others who's the boss. Even when your dreaming~!

A snoring hamster...... Need i say more?

HEY! im trying to poop here! A little privacy, is it too much to ask?!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life Hurts. . .

My 1st entry in a long time and it’s already going to be an emotional one. We’ve all heard the saying, “your greatest ally can be your worst enemy”. Sadly, although not really much of a surprise, this saying goes hard and true for your closest of kin.

It’s father’s day today, yet things aren’t the least bit uppity in this household. A man who holds steadfast to the term ‘domestic bliss’, irregardless of the backstabs and lies that are told about him or others; coupled with a woman whose optimism only extends as far as it benefits her egotistical pride and convenience, make up for the perfect emotional and mentally torturing quicksand trap. People who are blinded about their work and their affectionate emotions till the day one of them actually needs to go on the drip and maybe even under the knife to know the extent of this damaging fallacy of a ‘perfect fantasy’.

No one human is perfect. Not you, not me, not the idol that one worships- NO ONE (PS: except for religious entities of course, not that I mean to preach but i choose to leave my depicting limited to only human beings, thank you). We all strive for perfection, and the journey always comes with a price. After achieving one dream, won’t it lead on to another? Won’t the chase once again start it’s circle? Then again, to not strive in life is to sit and rot. So which is living? To chase a dream or to live in a dream?

When running in a circle, we all need a time to stop and smell the roses. For those in a hurry, to at least drop by McD and grab a cup of coffee and a burger, and if needs be, go have a cyggie. Again, no one knows where the balance lies, where to draw the line and pause it with a dot. Deadlines wallowing above our heads, emotions throbbing in our veins, words aching to be spurted forth yet are chained to the very throat that can only seem to swallow and gulp in fear.

Yes, work. The best way to distract one’s mind from almost any problem in one’s life even if it comes with the price of it’s own. Family, love and social matters all take a backseat when the thought of your superior rearing his ugly head over your back to ensure you do your job on time comes into play. Or then again it can be something as simple as money- for motivation. Here you are not paid for the work you do, you are paid to sell your soul to the work you do.

It hurts…. To know that in such a cruel world the one place of comfort in which you came from is no longer there, that it has been replaced by a fence of maroon-colored, blood soaked and thirsty thorns that work to protect only itself now. You, as far as it is concerned, is an outsider. Not the gardener that waters it, not the soil that nourishes it, not the seed of life that drops from it, not even the very parasite that eats on it. You are no longer the entity that was once showered by love and care by it. You are no longer welcome in it’s presence if you are here to trim the thorns and show to it the true hidden beauty beneath that it once was. It’s all in the past. Even if the future looks grim, staining your hands when the judge, jury and executioner isn’t on your side irregardless of the consequences, you are to be regarded as a mere expendable tool, one which is to not have emotions, to not have the mind to ponder your own existence and the will to carve out your name in life.

It hurts… to see a precious person destroy him/herself in front of you and yet you can’t and aren’t allowed to do anything to change it. The guilt, the responsibility; the anger, the sadness. Conflicting emotions that clash within, threatening to rip your very self apart in excruciating agony. And yet, your concerns fall not only on deaf ears, but weighs down on the sledgehammer that will soon bludgeon you. All because of your humanity. All because you care. All because you were once part of them.

Your tears don’t matter. Your aching wobbly voice doesn’t mean a thing. You don’t need a shoulder to cry on. You need a different kind of support- therapy. All because you don’t see the same light as them. All because you are alone, you are to be singled out for reformation, brainwashing- to make you a ‘domesticated’ person.

It hurts…. To know that you can’t stop time.
It hurts…. To know that things can never return.
It hurts…. To see the precious memories drift away.

It hurts…. Yet I can still keep going…
Because no matter what happens, I have others that care, others that share.
Others that know me for who I am and who I’ve become.
Who I want to be and will become.
I have many more things to do, stories to tell and lives to unfold.

I am not alone, this I know.
Beside me of all gems, is an azurite.
It’s dark brilliance, glittering the brightest in the coldest of lonely nights.

Not forgetting the children in my life;
6 tiny brown bundles of surprise,
hovered over by a domineering black and white spotted royalty,
Make for the most innocent of companionship in my daily mundane life.

Yes, I am not alone.
And therefore,
I promise to all, and especially myself-

I will live on…